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    1. 點擊咨詢在線客服



      • 刀具修磨常見問題
      • 本站編輯:穆格精密工具(杭州)有限公司發布日期:2019-08-15 17:31 瀏覽次數:








      What cutters need to be grinded?

      Most of the cutting tools can be grinded, and subsequent tool grinding should be taken into account in the design of production; of course, on this basis, tool grinding should also take into account the overall cost and benefit; for most of the relatively low prices, the relatively high cost of grinding tools can be directly scrapped and abandoned grinding, because of its own added value and For some forming tools, it is impossible to grind because the size after grinding will be too small. When some standard diameter taps, milling cutters and drills need to be repaired, when the overall cost is relatively high, it is necessary to consider tool grinding to reduce production costs and resource consumption of low carbon green. Behavior.

      What are the key points of tool grinding?

      When the blunt desired edge line is cut off, a new edge is grinded on a more complete matrix; for drilling tools for hole processing, the damage of the guide part must be considered comprehensively before grinding; when the edge is normally uniformly worn, the repairing grinding can be carried out directly; and when the edge collapses, the angle is relatively not strict. Heavy cutting tools can be cut off the wear or corner collapse parts and grinded again.

      Can the tool be re-coated after grinding?

      After grinding, Shuoshuo cutter produces a new intact edge after grinding the flank (and front) of the flank; chooses suitable front and rear angles and edge treatment; and chooses whether coating is needed according to the accuracy requirements of the repaired cutter according to the customer's requirements.